Emergency Services Solutions Inc.

Emergency Services Solutions, Inc. was founded as a pre-hospital staffing agency in April of 2001. Our first contract was to provide EMS personnel to Powhatan Volunteer Rescue Squad. Since then we have added Amelia Emergency Squad, Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue and Cumberland County to our customer base. Our staff is comprised of both advanced life support and basic life support providers with many years of prehospital experience.

​We believe that our company offers a unique option to volunteer agencies and localities in addressing their EMS personnel shortages. Our staffing solution simply provides personnel to organizations. Our providers wear your organizations uniforms and operate your equipment, just as the volunteers do. This not only allows us to keep your financial obligations to a minimum, but allows your organization to maintain its status as a volunteer agency.

The ESS Advantage
We strongly believe that ESS can accomplish many objectives in your area. Though our primary focus is to provide you with well qualified, experienced personnel to help decrease your response times, mutual aid calls and volunteer stress…we offer so much more. ESS also prides itself in offering a venue for your volunteers to precept and train so that they do not have to travel in order to stay on top of the ever changing practices in emergency medicine.

With a number of EMS, FIRE and Emergency Management degree holding Paramedics and Fire Officers on staff, we feel that our company would be the perfect avenue for all of your consulting and compliance needs.