Personnel Management 
ESS was founded on the belief that the highest level of pre-hospital care should be available to all of Virginia’s citizens, not just those that live in our largest urban areas.  ESS has always been proud of the level of service we have been able to deliver to the rural counties we serve.  To achieve these high levels of service, we have developed a superior workforce that not only meets our performance expectations; they exceed them on a daily basis.

In this role, ESS functions as a human resources company.  Your jurisdiction or organization contracts with ESS to provide emergency medical personnel for a defined period each day.   ESS ensures all its employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to provide Emergency Medical Services.  We process all the human resources functions for these employees, including hiring and screening of providers.  Our thorough background checks make certain that the highest caliber of individuals are caring for your fellow citizens.   ESS manages any required liability coverage for our employees, such as workers compensation.  Our management team handles scheduling and daily operational issues, guaranteeing an efficient and effective operation.



Emergency Services Solutions Inc.

ESS understands that not every jurisdiction or organization is the same; we can offer as much or as little assistance as needed to ensure that your citizen’s emergency medical services needs are met.  EMS providers are the core of our personnel management services, but they are not the only people we hire.  ESS has identified a need to have clerical support staff available as well.  For a jurisdiction or organization that has implemented, or plans to implement, a revenue recovery system, submitting accurate and complete paperwork to your billing vendor in a timely manner is crucial.  ESS can employ someone already in your organization, or identify the right individual to fill this critical step in the revenue recovery system.   It is important to note that none of the services provided by ESS will affect a volunteer organization’s 501c3 status.